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Evangel Assembly of God youth deliver delightful whale of a tale with 'Jonah'

Sarah Hearn - Author: DC Gospel/Music Examiner - August 3, 2014


Bible stories have become quite popular during the past year on film and stage. However, nothing can compare to the stories of old being told through the eyes of a child. A near-capacity crowd got to enjoy that experience, Saturday, August 2 as the Evangel Assembly of God Fine Arts Ministry presented "Jonah."


The youth production included a cast that ranged in age from five years to adult and offered a contemporary take on the biblical character of Jonah and the Ninevites. But make no mistake, the overarching story of God's love and concern for the people of Nineveh, the great menace to Israel, brightly shined through. According to Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. St. Clair Mitchell, there was "a story behind the story, passing on kingdom values to the next generation."



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