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Ramalingam Productions is a Performing Arts studio that trains young children in the area of the arts. This includes acting, dancing, vocal training, public speaking, and technical theater. The company also has a children's theater company where children audition, train and perform for the public.  Children with exceptional talents will be exposed to advanced training and auditions, and will receive an invitation to participate within the company..

The goal of Ramalingam Productions Performing Arts Studio is twofold... To develop the gifts and talents of young children and to share those gifts and talents with the world. Anita Ramalingam, founder, and CEO of RPPAS is a native Washingtonian and a graduate of Ellington School of Arts and Trinity University in Washington, D.C. Her passion for working with children and the arts began with a missions trip to Singapore where she performed with Youth With A Mission and traveled to such countries such as India, Malaysia, and the Philippines. 

For the last ten years, Mrs. Ramalingam has helped to lead teams of young people in New Mexico working with the Native American population. She believes that children from any background can be empowered to reach their potential when given the opportunity. Upon completion of her graduate studies, she received an opportunity to start Ramalingam Productions while directing a show at a local worship center. Now, children from various backgrounds have an opportunity to audition and perform shows in nursing homes, shelters, community centers, libraries and shopping malls in our local area.

Mrs. Ramalingam has received her Higher Education Teaching Certificate from the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning at Harvard University and maintains certification for First Aid, AED and CPR. As the instructional leader of Ramalingam Productions, Mrs. Ramalingam has set the precedent for excellence in  all areas of instruction. 

Our Mission

The mission of Ramalingam Productions is to empower and encourage young people to discover and use their gifts and talents. Our goal is to bring each child to a level of excellence so they may go out and change their life and their world in a positive and meaningful way.

Purpose and Goal

Children and adults will learn new skills about the stage, television, and technical theater which will increase individual self-confidence, develop  leadership skills, increase self-esteem, they learn how to be a team player and how to share their gifts and talents  to change their world. RPPAS believes that each person is gifted and talented and every child should have the opportunity to discover and develop new skills and those skills can be used to cater to the development of a career and leave an indelible mark in the world they live in.

Service to the Community

Ramalingam Productions believes in community! Most performances are done in the local schools, nursing homes, churches, community centers, libraries, malls, and much much more. The children learn to give back to the people in their neighborhood and around the world!





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